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Cyber parent

In our ever changing technology world, do you know what your childs internet and social media habits are? Do you really know what you children are accessing online?
As a parent its a tough job just keeping up to date with whats cool and whats not along with eveything else we need to keep moving in our busy lifestyles.
The Australian Multicultural Foundation has developed a website app called CyberParent which encourages safe and healthy internet use in Australian homes. CyberParent equips parents with the knowledge and confidence to identify early warning signs and seek appropriate support from Australian service providers.
CyberParent is available in a total of 17 different languages. Have you ever wondered what these acronyms mean?

  • MOS
  • WUF
  • IRL
  • KPC.

Check out the app to find out. For more information, visit the CyberParent website.